All these are for trade! Looking for Kalos and Unova shinies specifically in return! Shiny for shiny, multiple shinies for shiny legendary, single shiny for normal legendary. 

The highlighted ones are shiny babies!
+ Adding a shiny Alakazam to the list!!

Last row are not shinies.

Not too sure what I want for the unowns, but make an offer!  I cannot guarantee legitimacy of any of them! Nor do i know IVs or EVs! I will not check them either! Togekiss is not for trade!

Shinies Mostly Wanted:

  • Cottonee / Whimsicott
  • Deino
  • Tympole / Palpitoad / Seismitoad 
  • Petilil / Lilligant
  • Chandelure
  • Pawniard
  • Tyrunt (preferably male and nicknamed ’ Chomper ‘)
  • Amaura / Arorus (preferably female)
  • Cabrink
  • Froakie / Frogadier / Greninja

Also looking for a normal Groudon! I’m not looking for any other legendaries, so please dont try and negotiate them for shinies.

Send offers to me in an Ask! My Friend Code and In Game Name are on my page! 

Posted: 3/30/14 @ 6:16 pm Pacific time. Updates will be made after every trade! 

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